29 January 2011


One of the problems with wireless keyboards is they have no indicator lights for num lock, caps lock, etc. If you are running Gnome you can use lock-keys-applet, but Xfce currently has no native panel plugin for displaying the lock keys.

Fortunately, Xfce does include a generic monitor panel plugin, which you can use for almost anything.

indicator="Num Lock"
text = ""
on_icon = "/usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/status/16/available.png"
off_icon = "/usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin/status/16/invisible.png"

from ctypes import *

def GetIndicatorState(name):
    state = c_bool(False)

    libX11 = CDLL("libX11.so")
    display = libX11.XOpenDisplay(0)
    atom = libX11.XInternAtom(display, name, c_bool(False))
    libX11.XkbGetNamedIndicator(display, atom, 0, byref(state), 0, 0)
    return state.value

if GetIndicatorState(indicator):
    print("" + on_icon + "")
    print("" + off_icon + "")
Adjust the four variables at the top to your taste, and set genmon to run it every second. The updates aren't instantaneous, and it's a little resource heavy, but it's better than nothing.

24 April 2010

Aleph One 0.23.2

A bug fix release is available from http://source.bungie.org/get/

  • Support saved games with large numbers of map indexes
  • Add native error dialogs for Mac OS X and Windows
  • Fix a crash when switching to overhead map
  • Fix a crash when browsing files with invalid modification dates
  • Fix compiling without SDL_image
  • Fix an infinite loop parsing malformed XML input

01 March 2010

native dialogs

Aleph One can now display native dialogs when SDL dialogs are unavailable (for example, assertion failures should now generate dialog boxes) in Windows and Mac OS X.

18 February 2010

Aleph One 0.23.1

A bug fix release is available from http://source.bungie.org/get/

Release Notes

18 January 2010

Aleph One 0.23

Aleph One 0.23 is now available from http://source.bungie.org/get and http://marathon.sourceforge.net/

Major highlights for this release include an entirely new modern 3D renderer option, a plugins system, PNG screenshots, Lua API improvements, and bug fixes. You can read the complete release notes here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/marathon/Aleph%20One/2010-01-18/AlephOne-20100118.html

15 October 2009

Aleph One 0.22.1

This is primarily a bug fix release.

Release Notes

09 September 2009

Aleph One 0.22

Aleph One 0.22 is available from http://source.bungie.org/get/

Highlights for this release include Lua persistence, a network stats display, and joystick support (from Eric Peterson). Jeremiah Morris has also joined us to add terminal and classic HUD scaling, as well as a new customizable HUD; and Solra Bizna added gamma-corrected alpha blending.

Jeremiah and TychoVII have also created an amazing custom HUD script based on the HUD in the XBLA game Marathon: Durandal, which you can get from Fileball: http://fileball.bungie.org/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=53&func=fileinfo&id=3468

Aleph One 0.22 is network compatible with the previous release, except for the new Lua features. Aleph One 0.22 is the last release which will support Mac OS X 10.2.8; future releases will require Mac OS X 10.3.9

Read the full release notes for more details.