26 December 2008

Aleph One 0.21.2

A bug fix release is available from http://source.bungie.org/get or

  • Added support for custom window sizes (by editing prefs file)
  • Fixed assertion failures when changing levels in net games
  • Restore the previously selected map when finishing a net game
  • Restore support for UTF-8 prefs / MML
  • Added a VSync checkbox in OpenGL

13 December 2008

Aleph One 0.21

Aleph One 0.21 is available from http://source.bungie.org/get/ or http://marathon.sourceforge.net/

Highlights of this release are screen resolution detection, level embedded Lua and MML, and bug fixes. This release is not network compatible with previous releases.

Full release notes are available here: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=1997&release_id=647017