31 May 2009

Aleph One 0.22 Preview 1

A preview build is available from treellama.org:

Highlights include Lua persistence, a network stats display, joystick support (from Eric Peterson), various other improvements and bug fixes. Jeremiah Morris has also joined us to contribute HUD scaling and some improvements of his own. This preview build is compatible with the the previous release, except for the new Lua features.

  • Add .filA extension to saved films
  • Add .sgA extension to saved games
  • Add an option to hide file extensions in dialogs
  • Display file modification date in file selectors; allow sorting by date
  • Add a "Network Stats" display (accessed by pressing the non-number-pad 1 key, by default), which displays color-coded latency, jitter (standard deviation in latency), and CRC errors. Consequently, the .ping command has been removed. Every second, stats are also sent to joiners, who can access them with the same key. You must be connected to a gatherer running the preview build to receive stats updates.
  • Joystick/gamepad support. Some things are configurable in the preferences screen, but more advanced settings like sensitivity and dead zones require editing the preferences file
  • Lua functions for restoring some custom fields from before level teleports, and for restoring all custom fields from saved games (see Lua.html)
  • Preferences for scaling HUD and terminals up by 2x, or to fill the screen
  • Lua: monster.external_velocity and vertical_velocity (see Lua.html)
  • Draw in-game OpenGL dialogs without blacking the whole screen
Bug fixes:
  • Fix missing metaserver login failure message
  • Fix Lua texture palette crash with landscapes
  • Support building from the Mac OS X command line using autoconf
  • Fix host crashing in net games after a joiner disconnects
  • Fix "could not receive map" bug
  • Fix a crash when opening the ALSA net mic fails
  • Fix the Lua texture palette on maps with glow mapped textures
  • Respect monitor gamma calibration when rendering fade effects
  • Make OpenGL crosshairs look like the preview
  • Don't read the map when idle at the menu screen
  • Fix Lua documentation for long cinematic fade in mnemonic