27 September 2008

Prelude in D-flat

Inspired by this drawing by irons.

Download (4.2 MB mp3)
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Anonymous said...

That was fast. I love it! Glad to see you're back in musicmode. D ub bl bu bl.

Anonymous said...

P.S.—Prelude to what?

rockville said...

I discovered this hiding inside of Marathon W'rkncacnter and tracked it back to here. I had to pick it out of a haystack full of Chopin links.

It's nice and moody, well-suited to the game.

treellama said...

Marathon: W'rkncacnter was originally going to include a Craig Hardgrove-esque solo piano version of the Marathon Infinity theme, but I didn't have time to record it. Maybe I can update it some day.