13 September 2008

Aleph One 0.20.3

A patch release of Aleph One is available from http://source.bungie.org/get or http://marathon.sourceforge.net/

This is a minor feature release of Aleph One, which includes Windows improvements and support for the Unimap 2 format. It is network compatible with Aleph One 0.20.x

  • Recognize PICT resources stored in M2-Win95 format (completes Unimap 2 support)
  • AlephOne.exe now requires a Pentium-class processor. Windows 2000 or higher is recommended.
  • Applied SDL patches from Tim Angus (from ioquake3) to allow DirectInput mouse control while OpenGL is active. If you have trouble with Vista, disable the "DirectDraw / DirectInput" option.
  • Added window manager icons in Linux and Windows
  • Added support for #STATIC terminal groups

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