01 August 2009

Aleph One 0.22 Preview 2

A preview build is available from treellama.org:

Preview 2 incorporates all the changes from preview 1 (see
these additions:

  • Lua functions to set the position of items, effects, and scenery
  • Add an option to draw the HUD using a Lua script, allowing a vast amount of HUD customization (see Lua_HUD.html)
  • Support shape types besides walls in Lua texture palette
Bug fixes:
  • Fix sprite-border problem on big-endian machines (from preview 1)
  • Fix exp2 and log2 errors on systems with broken math.h
  • Fix crash on respawn (from preview 1)
  • Fix documentation for Lua Scenery.x, .y, and .z
  • Improved motion sensor rendering in magnetic environments (SF 1684830)
  • Draw message area relative to player name, instead of hard-coding its location
  • Fix OpenGL font memory leak
  • Default DirectInput checkbox to off; too many people use Vista

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