25 May 2008

console font

When I added TrueType font rendering for themes, it wasn't much more work to add it for the console, overhead map, HUD, and terminals as well (although the last are still a little buggy). So, a few weeks back, I switched the default console font to this nice anti-aliased one. The old one is still available using MML, of course.


Irons said...

Nice font. Is this GPL'd or what? And where is it in the source code, anyway?

Also, what are those crazy shotgun cartridges?

treellama said...

The font is in data/AlephSansMono-Bold.ttf, and the license is AlephSansMonoLicense.txt--it's not GPL. The actual file that gets included is Source_Files/Misc/AlephSansMono-Bold.h

The shotgun cartridges are from an item enhancement pack before Visciom did his. I don't really play much on this computer so I guess it didn't get upgraded.

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